Welcome to Siberiancms-modules.com!

Siberiancms-modules.com is not affiliated with Siberian CMS. This website is owned and operated by TalentHut, a technology company based in Malta, with offices in Portugal and Central India. We offer Siberian CMS development and host full-time developers for several customers throughout the world. If you’re looking to gain agility by creating your own team of Siberian developers, we can recruit, host and train them for you. Please get in touch with us here.

We launched this website in an effort to make the Siberian CMS development community flourish. Any developer who has already published on the Siberian Marketplace is welcome to list projects on this website. If you have not published any modules or layouts on the Marketplace before but want to list your project, we urge you to do it before you submit your project to us. We want to provide our users with the guarantee that they are funding projects created by expert Siberian CMS developers.

If you are a developer and would like to get involved with the framework, you can read more about it here. If you would like to publish your project on our site, please get in touch with us in order to obtain an account and submit your project.

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