About the SiberianCMS

Create and manage mobile apps for iOS and Android

The Siberian CMS is an open-source content management system built specifically for mobile apps. Users can create and manage mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and publish them the same day. Being used by over 10k companies and individuals, it’s the leading CMS for non-technical users. You can download your free version from here.


Extending core functionality

Though the Siberian CMS comes with many great core functionalities, these can be extended. Similar to WordPress, you can add new features to your apps by adding new modules, layouts and templates. You can get them from the Marketplace and you can crowdfund your modules on this site.


For developers

The developer community is becoming increasingly vibrant and you’re welcome to join. If you’re a technical user and would like to develop your own modules, you should access the developer site to obtain more information. You can also get involved and contribute on Github. You can get started by checking the system’s requirements and the installation instruction here.


Listing your project on our site

If you’d like to list your project on our site, we suggest that you first develop and publish a module on the marketplace to showcase your capabilities. Every module that gets published on the marketplace is tested and gives the end users the guarantee that it will work as expected. In order to give our users the piece of mind that they are buying from experienced developers, we require that you have, at least, one published module on the marketplace before you list your project on our site.